Monitoring und Auditing mit Qualitätsanspruch
Gesellschaft Unabhängiger Monitore mbH


Our advantages for you:


01. Short communication channels
02. Flexible working time
03. Independent employee
- Quick availability
- High motivation because of performance dependent reimbursement
04. High flexibility
- Short decision ways
05. Representation of the sponsor
06. Independent time planning
- Almost 100 % project-related work
07. Balancing after produced actually monitor days or auditing and real expenses after presentation of the report
08. No claim for compensation for not carried out projects after completion of a contract
09. The employee, who make the contract simultaneous fulfill the work on the spot
10. Customer knows on carrying executing person personally
11. Low fluctuation

Big CRO:

01. Interlocutor frequent not responsible employee
- Hierachical department organization
02. Union rate norms, working-time law
03. Consideration of Factories Acts
- Rights of participation
- Union Rate norms, high fixed costs
04. Hierachical organization with decision differentiated competences
05. In general representation of the CRO
06. In general Predefined office hours
- high share personal linger times
07. In general balancing of the calculated monitor days, fix expenses rates
08. In general claim for compensation
09. Completion of a contract administration
10. On carrying executing person most not known
11. Fluctuation: ???