Monitoring und Auditing mit Qualitätsanspruch
Gesellschaft Unabhängiger Monitore mbH


History of the GUM

The GUM was founded in January 1993 and
since January 1996 registered as GUM Ltd.

The founders met each other in an institute for clinical pharmacology, where they were employed up to the step into independence and where they could gather a large experience in the conduct of clinical studies.
They enjoyed a sound further education to Clinical Research Associate including lectures and the following topics: chemistry, law and ethics, statistics, data processing, clinic phase I, quality assurance, pharmacology and clinical monitoring in phase II to IV.

Over the last 25 years we could widen our experience with every new project. Through the given confidence in us, we have had the possibility to gain insight into the working methods of our different customers, as we usually work according to the SOPs of our sponsors.

We may refer you to the section „experience“ of our homepage.
There you may find a detailed list of the studies and indications the GUM has worked on so far.